26 Jul 2023 - 3 Sep 2023
Summer Coupon Promotion
Summer Promotion 2023

Summer Coupon Promotion

From now to 3 Sep 2023, upon same-day spending of designated amount by electronic transaction (Credit Card/ EPS/ Octopus/ Mobile Payment) at 8½ outlet(s) together with the corresponding electronic payment receipts at 2 different merchants, are eligible to redeem the following reward(s). Making shopping more rewarding!

Promotion Period26 Jul – 3 Sep 2023
Redemption Time: 11:00am - 9:00pm
Redemption Venue: Concierge, 1/F

Spending Rewards
HK$600* or above 

-   HK$25 Pacific Coffee Voucher

(Daily Quota: 20) 
HK$1,000* or above  -   HK$50 Market Place Voucher
(Daily Quota: 10)
 HK$1,500* or above

-   HK$75 Dining & Shopping Coupons Package:

o   HK$25 Dining Coupon x 1 pcs

o   HK$50 Shopping Coupon x 1 pc

(Daily Quota: 20) 
HK$3,000* or above
(every Sat-Sun & P.H. only) 

-   HK$75 Dining & Shopping Coupons Package:

o   HK$25 Dining Coupon x 1 pcs

o   HK$50 Shopping Coupon x 1 pc

(Daily Quota: 20) 

* 2 same-day electronic payment slips from different merchants

- Dining & Shopping Coupons Package:

- ONE piece of HK$25 Dining Coupon can be used upon every spending of HK$100

- ONE piece of HK$50 Shopping Coupon can be used upon every spending of HK$200

- Participating Merchants of Coupon: please click here for details

- Daily quota applies, on first come first serve basis while stock lasts. Terms and Conditions apply. All photos are for reference only, the promotion activity is subject to governing terms and conditions.  


Terms & Conditions: 

  1. Customers with same-day spending of designated amount by electronic payment methods (Credit Card, EPS, Octopus, Mobile Payment), upon presenting valid machine-printed receipts together with corresponding electronic payment slips (a minimum of HK$100 per transaction) are entitled to redeem gift(s) at designated location.
  2. Each set of spending receipt and corresponding electronic payment slip can only be used for one gift redemption (i.e. One HK$25 Pacific Coffee Voucher OR One HK$50 Market Place Voucher OR One set of HK$75 Dining & Shopping Coupons Package OR One set of HK$150 Dining & Shopping Coupons Package.
  3. All gifts are subject to limited daily quotas. Redemption is available on a first-come-first-serve basis and while stock lasts., but all decisions made by the staff and employees of 8½ shall be final and binding on all parties. The organizer reserves the right to cancel, revise, suspend any or all part(s) of this promotion, the requirements of gift redemption, the types, quantities and/or other conditions of any gifts without further notice.
  4. Each type of coupon can be used in designated participating merchants only. Coupon usage terms can refer to the backside of the coupons.
  5. All redemption vouchers and coupons cannot be exchanged for cash or other products. Lost, damaged or expired vouchers/ coupons will not be replaced.
  6. Each customer is restricted to redeeming one gift from each tier each day.
  7. Customers must present valid original machine-printed receipt(s) with corresponding electronic payment slip (Credit Card/ EPS/ Octopus/ Mobile Payment) or Octopus or mobile payment App interface with clear merchants’ name, transaction date and transaction amount for gift redemption. All machine-printed receipt(s) must be issued within the same day of redemption. Receipt(s) issued on dates preceding the date of redemption will not be valid or accepted. Staff of 8½ shall have absolute discretion to refuse any gift redemption in respect of any sales receipts and/or electronic payment slip(s) with missing, false, unclear, damaged, or altered information.
  8. Machine-printed receipts for food and other consumption transactions only will be accepted for gift redemption.  The following transactions will not be accepted for redemption: receipts issued by any fees payment, value-added or payment services, purchase of stamps, calling cards, Alipay card, purchase of Cash Coupon / Voucher/ pre-paid Card, temporary exhibition booths.
  9. Split payment receipts will not be accepted. Payment receipts from shop(s) cannot be split into different receipts or payment slips for gift redemption purposes. Therefore, the payment amount on the shop’s machine-printed receipts and corresponding electronic payment slips must be the full amount of the relevant transaction. Staff of 8½ shall have absolute discretion to refuse gift redemption if the shop’s machine-printed receipts or electronic payment slips are deemed suspicious.
  10. For installment transactions, only the amount of the first installment or the deposit paid will be accepted for gift redemption. Customers must redeem the gift on the day of such payment. The remaining balance payment will not be eligible for gift redemption. 
  11. Staff of 8½ will stamp “Gifts have been redeemed” on each machine-printed sales receipt and corresponding electronic payment slip, to indicate that gift redemption has been made. All receipts that have been used for gift redemption are NOT eligible for refund from the outlets.
  12. Relevant staff of 8½ are entitled to take photograph(s), photocopy or record machine-printed sales receipt and corresponding electronic payment slip presented by customers for verification purposes.
  13. Goods and services to be redeemed are not provided by 8½ and/or HKR Limited. 8½ and HKR Limited are not liable for the quality of such goods and services and any replacement or refund thereof. Customers are advised to check the gifts immediately after redemption.
  14. Staff and employees of 8½ and the outlets are not eligible to participate in this promotion.
  15. The above promotion is subject to change and may be cancelled without prior notice. In case of any disputes, HKR Limited reserves the right of final decision.
  16. Where there are discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions of any promotional materials, the Chinese version shall prevail.